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Jagruti Seva Sanstha

Support Education and Self Development Program For Slum Children

Beneficiaries in a year: about 180 No.s

Jagruti endeavours to arrest school dropouts by running support education classes. It also conducts programs for all round development of these children so as to imbibe in them good values, habits and develop their skills. Special efforts are made to improve written and spoken English skills. They are provided with a daily nourishing snack and are given assistance to buy educational material and if needed to pay their fees as well. Various presentations and discussions are arranged on the topics related to superstitions, women’s rights, gender bias, population growth, environment etc. Hobby classes are conducted during school vacations.

Balwadi (Pre-Primary School)

Beneficiaries in a year: about 100 No.s

Balwadis(Pre-primary Schools) are run at Janawadi, Indira Vasahat under trained and experienced teachers. Teachers from our primary teachers’ training program and helpers from the community are employed to conduct the classes. They endeavor to nurture happy and healthy learning environment for children.

Day Care Center

Beneficiaries in a year: about 50 No.s

Day Care Center is proving to be very useful for working mothers,mainly working on construction sites or as household help, from the low income communities. Trained teachers along with two trained helpers take taking care of children from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. There is always waiting list of more than about 30 children for the facility.

In both facilities, educational aids such as charts, colour books, slates, pencils are made available. Children are given nourishing supplementary food once a day and special care is taken for undernourished children by giving vitamin supplements.

Jagruti arranges for birth certificates of children, which were not obtained by parents, from Pune authorities. Jagruti ensures that the children are admitted to 1ststd in the nearby good schools.

For creating awareness of Indian culture, festivals of all types are celebrated. An annual gathering is held every year around 26th January, Republic Day. Best Teacher and Best parents awards are given that day.

Health checks-ups, immunization of MMR, HB and typhoid are done periodically by qualified doctors. De-worming is done regularly. Each child has a health card. Children found to have problems are referred to experts for corrective treatment. Children who are be anemic are given iron supplements and their hemoglobin level is closely monitored.

Health check-ups are arranged for parents also. Mothers who are anemic are given the necessary treatment. Lectures by experts are arranged on the topics of cultivating healthy food habits and hygienic upbringing of children.